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Company Profile:

R4IT is a VA-Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), headquartered in Central Pennsylvania near the Pennsylvania State University, with customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

R4IT supplies both government agencies and commercial enterprises with high-end technical personnel and products in information technology. 

The company enlists experienced IT personnel, such as engineers (software, hardware, system), computer scientists, documentation and logistics specialists, technical writers, configuration managers, system administrators, personnel security specialists, HR specialists, process improvement engineers and trainers.

Mission Statement:

R4IT strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products to customers and provide the best employment environment for its employees.  We strive every day to meet our goals through the expertise of our quality employees, work ethic and competitive prices.  We attribute our success to our associates and our team partners.  We remain committed to our basic beliefs: Christian, corporate and family values, honesty, continued hard work and dedication to our employees and customers.

Contact Details:

Telephone:  (814) 692-5283
Fax:           (814) 692-4116

E-mail:  info@r4it.com

Comments about the site?  mail to:  info@r4it.com

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